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EarthPlay Retreats was created to enhance your quality of living through a connection with the self and the outdoors. Our single and multi-day experiences are designed to leave you grounded, balanced and energized, with a renewed sense of self.

Our retreats are unique to each location, all of which are innovative and transformative, challenging and compassionate. Join us in expanding into our true potential. We hope to see you soon!!

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What Clients Say

Amazing experience. The guides were amazing climbers and very helpful. The food was amazing and really healthy, oh except for the s’mores! 😉 Yoga was a great way to start and finish the day.
I really enjoyed the yoga. I needed this.
The fully catered Indian Creek retreat provided a wonderful opportunity to enjoy expertly guided crack climbing and yoga workshops amidst a breathtaking setting. Hearing the coyote yips and howls was a highpoint.
I came away from climbing energized and exhilarated thanks to the great staff.
Teg, Wanderlust Festival 2013
The instructors were great! They took us to the perfect location and this experience has raised my body awareness in a great way.

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