~Mission Statement~

Earth Play’s mission is to share our passions of movement, love of nature and joy of serving and giving to others to promote conscious community, deep connection and stewardship to nature and compassion for all living beings.


Step Away

Earth Play Retreats provide a refreshing step away from one’s everyday life. Through adventure and mindful movement we will help restore balance and harmony in peoples lives, build conscious community and leave people with a deeper connection to nature.


Embrace the full beauty of nature with open arms and reconnect with your child-like playful nature. Whether it’s outdoor adventures, yoga or sharing a beautiful star filled night sky with friends, you will be guided to find the place where you feel more grounded and connected to your own body, soul and the Earth.


Heidi and Yuki believe that the moment you step out of your comfort zone and fully expose yourself to the grandeur Earth, that huge transformation can happen. When you find the balance between vulnerability and inner strength you accept your experience and create the inspiration and transformational growth within each of us.


Earth Player Retreats also emphasize building community, where we can support each other physically and emotionally to reach our personal and collective goals. Through the practice of mindful movement, yoga, Thai massage and deep connection with nature you learn to cultivate compassion for yourself, others and all living beings with an unconditional love. We each play the part of both anchor and the leader of our community, both being just as valuable. We have so much to offer! Come explore your inner realm, touch in to your true purpose and experience true connection. This experience will help you to bring the best of what you can share to this world and bring you on a journey to find your highest potential.

Leave No Trace

We at Earth Play Retreats believe in giving back to the Earth. We support the efforts of Leave No Trace whenever we are out playing in nature and at all events!

Our Offerings:

· Rock climbing
· Backpacking
· Hiking
· Mountain Biking
· Road Riding
· Surfing
· Journaling
· Partner acrobatics/flying
· Yoga
· Meditation
· Thai massage (Learning to give)
· and more…