Heidi Wirtz
Heidi WirtzOwner/Lead Instructor

The North Face Athlete- Yoga Teacher – Nature Lover – Inspirational Speaker – Philanthropist – Adventure Guide

Heidi Wirtz is a professional climber, yoga teacher and philanthropist. She holds a deep love of connecting with nature, sharing her passions and inspiring others to follow their dreams. Heidi’s experience is deep rooted in exploration, team leadership, empowerment and teaching.

Through Earth Play Retreats, she hopes to offer her clients a transformational experience that will carry over into her students every day lives.

Website: HeidiWirtz.com
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Yuki Tsuji-Hoening
Yuki Tsuji-HoeningYoga/AcroYoga Instructor

Yuki Tsuji-Hoening is a certified AcroYoga/yoga teacher and a licensed Thai massage therapist/teacher. She has enjoyed building a thriving AcroYoga community in her hometown Boulder, Colorado as well as traveling near and far to grow the community globally.

She has been a teacher and a coach in many different disciplines for the last 10 years, including AcroYoga, Thai massage, handstand, dance-climb fusion for AscenDance Project, skydiving and body flight. With AcroYoga, she teaches immersions and facilitates the teacher trainings. She has been known as a radiant, passionate and empathetic teacher who loves to connect deeply.

Website: yogayuki.com

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Madaleine Sorkin
Madaleine SorkinClimbing Instructor
Madaleine is a professional rock climber with a love for free climbing and sharing adventures in remote mountainous areas. She is a leading big wall free climber in North America and has made several first or early ascents of 5.12/5.13 Grade VI (multi-day) climbs, often in female teams. Madaleine appreciates the spectrum of experiences that climbing affords from pushing her limits to playtime with friends. She treats climbing as a contemplative practice and is thrilled to join EPR to explore, share and dive into our experiences.



Adi Carter
Adi CarterYoga/AcroYoga/Slacklining/Thai Massage Instructor

Adi has been a life long student of practicing yoga off the mat in all shapes and forms especially when it involves being outdoors. Her passion for movement and the environment have taken her on countless adventures around the world and she currently travels and teaches as part of the YogaSlackers & co-ordinates the Redefining Balance retreats to share the modalities of shifting perspective through yoga, slacklining, AcroYoga, climbing, surfing, mountain biking and just about anything else you can think to do on the Earth’s terrain. Traveling & teaching often times with her car as a home base, you can find her somewhere in the vicinity of an ocean, climb site, mountain or legit climbing tree as she works with students on and off the mat to discover a new sense of balance, strength and focus in whatever their form of practice might be.

Adi’s adventures and environmental awareness endeavours have been featured in The New York Times, Yoga Journal, Outdoor Japan, New York Magazine, National Geographic, L.A. Yoga, Yoga + Joyful Living, Urban Climber, elephant journal, Current TV and TIME for CNN.

for more info please visit www.adicarter.com

Hazel Findlay
Hazel FindlayClimbing Guide

23 years old, The North Face Climber

“For me climbing is a sport, a passion, a past time, a lifestyle, and an excuse to explore places, people and myself.”

Hazel, who started climbing with her father at age seven, has shown a maturity in the art of traditional climbing on a diversity of rock, from British sea cliffs where crashing waves spray the climber, to North American granite monoliths, to desert sandstone cracks in Utah, to the glassy quartzite of Australia’s Mount Arapiles.

Her resume of routes bearing the “X” rating – for serious fall potential, combined with difficulty up to 5.13 – is extensive. In addition to interviews in the international climbing media, Hazel’s prowess is highlighted in the climbing DVD’s “Monkey See Monkey Do”, Reel Rock 8 and in the recent National Geographic magazine.

Last year she completed a degree in Philosophy from Bristol University. Since then I have been able to climb full time through the help of my sponors (The North Face, La Sportiva, Climb On, Sterling Rope) http://hazelfindlayclimbing.com/

Kate Rutherford
Kate RutherfordClimbing Guide

As a professional rock climber and jewelry maker I obviously love rocks…. Their inherent beauty draws me to all kinds of wild places in the world. I think climbing is a most incredible physically creative way to get up close and personal with the environment and the beauty that surrounds us. This world is huge and life is ours to explore it. I think my passion for beauty, the environment, and playing out in the wilds is transferable. And through climbing, art, and any other vehicle I am committed to inspiring that passion in others. This can be my gift to the world, the only way I can hope to convince others to care deeply for the beauty of the natural world, and help save our planet. http://katerutherford.com/



Zack Smith
Zack SmithClimbing Guide

Zack Smith’s humble, laid-back demeanor belies the fact that he is actually one of the countries most talented all-around climbers. Over the last ten years he has quietly accomplished an enviable list of first ascents and impressive repeats throughout North and South America. When he’s not chasing his own projects in the mountains or at the crags Zack makes his living as a climbing guide for Aspen Expeditions and Moab Desert Adventures. After graduating from an intensive guides course program through the Alaska Mountaineering School in 1999 he began guiding professionally and has coaxed hundreds of clients up difficult desert towers, Colorado peaks, and across African jungles. Besides climbing he is an avid traveler and has set foot on six separate continents. 

Brittany Griffith
Brittany GriffithCook

Brittany is know for her outgoing demeanor and perpetual psyche to explore and travel the globe in search of adventure and unclimbed rock formations. She is not only known for her extraordinary climbing prowess, but also for her amazing talent and creativity in the kitchen and her ability to blow her guests minds with every dish she prepares. Always the hostess, Brittany will make your trip memorable by bringing home cooked meals to the campsite no matter where our trips take you. 

Jason Nelson
Jason NelsonClimbing Guide
Outdoor Research Climbing Ambassador

Jason Nelson began climbing at the age of 18 on the small crags of New England. These days he lives in Ouray, Colorado establishing rock climbs up to 5.13 and mixed climbs up to M11.He has climbed all over the world including; USA, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Thailand, Spain and Australia. He can be seen on big-walls, ice falls, sport climbs, the occasional boulder, competing at various ice festivals, and during high-gravity days – the ground. “I believe that climbing is supposed to be fun. Granted, sometimes it takes the passage of time for something to be considered fun. Climbing should be balanced with other things in life so that you keep wanting more.”



John Lloyd
John LloydPhotographer
John is a professional media maker with a passion for the outdoor experience that fits perfectly with EPR. Documenting the EarthPlay experience, John captures the interaction of the group as well as the personal of individuals. His role extends beyond taking photos and happily interacts with retreat attendees, offering advice, insight or just a good laugh.
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