The Power of Words!!

Words have more power than you might know!

Words can be so powerful. If you are conscious of what you are saying you might notice your words effects on others. It can be quite dramatic. Research shows that words effect not just people, but also plants, other animals and inanimate objects (if there is such a thing). Here is a pretty amazing video showing how our words, or lack of connection can effect rice.

Dr Masaru Emoto, a researcher and alternative healer conducted many experiments throughout the 1990’s demonstrating the effects of words, music, prayer and environment on the crystalline structure of water. The results were quite impressive and revealing. These photos were taken after the water was exposed to the different variables and then frozen so as to see the crystalline structures.

Water Before Prayer                Water After Prayer

fujiwara_before    fujiwara_prayer

Biwako Lake (polluted)         Shimanto River (clean)

biwako_lake    shimanto_river

After observing these results he went on to tape these words onto containers of water and this is what he the structure of the water did.

“you make me sick, I will kill you”   “Adolph Hitler”

make_me_sick  hitler

“Thank You”                                           “Love and Appreciation”

thank_you   love

Pretty crazy! As you can see the water crystals created from positive words, actions and environment are far more symmetrical and aesthetically pleasing. If words, thoughts and environment have this kind of impact on water, then it is amazing to think how these same factors effect others and our surrounding environment. We have all probably heard that positivity is contagious and depending on if we put either positive or negative energy out into the universe, this will dictate what comes back. So be careful what you say and use your words wisely!

Just think…we are made up of 60% water…how do you think words and actions effect us?

One more video from another source that tried Dr Emoto’s experiment.