Staying healthy ~ Body and Mind (part 2)

by Heidi Wirtz, Professional Climber

Hi again beautiful friends!

As we roll into an indefinite stretch of home time and physical distancing… so the mind and body need even more maintenance and care. It is is super easy to get lazy, depressed and sad with so much uncertainty. I for one find it hard to not know when I will be able to see friends and family again..when I will get to roam freely and when I will get to do all of the outdoor activities that I love so much. 

 It has been helping me quite a lot to think of all the benefit that this lack of travel and slowing down of industry is doing for our planet. I kind of think that mother nature needed a break from us and is “sending us to our rooms for a bit to reflect on how we have behaved and how we might do better once we are out roaming free once again.” What we do with this mandatory reflection time is up to us. My hope is that we will grow stronger and learn to take care of each other and this planet better than we had in the past. Time will tell. With

The Black Canyon

that said, be sure to take care of yourself first. If we don’t take care of ourselves we can not help others or the planet. That is an absolute fact. Below are a few more tips for keeping it together f

or both your mind and body.



Dale and Heidi Ready to Party!!

 Get up and get Ready!!

I am finding it super important these days to get up and get ready. The idea is to not float about in your PJ’s all day, which will make us feel less productive. We need to get up, make the bed, get dressed and get on the day as if we would without this pandemic going on. All humans thrive much better with a schedule. It is a proven fact. So think about coming up with a plan for your days. If you are working from home, come up with a time frame with scheduled breaks for outdoor activities and yoga/training. This will help make your days more productive and you feel much better overall. 

Handstands in Northern California

Get Outside Ideas:

As I mentioned in my first email getting outside is super important! Not just for the physical aspect but also for the mental benefits. As our boundaries get more closed in with the Stay in Place laws sweeping the nation we need to get more creative in our own backyards.



Running: Running is a great way to get some air in the lungs, improve the mood and stay healthy! If you find running boring, check out my ideas below to perhaps spice it up and make it more fun!

Running with this awesome gal in Zermatt 2018

  • I like to find a couple of rocks that I can pinch while I run. Find two that are similar in size and weight that is sustainable for at least 15 minutes. If you only have one rock you can switch from hand to hand every 5 minutes. 
  • Run 1/4 mile, ten push ups, run 1/4 mile, 10 push ups (repeat for set distance) , or add in handstands!
  • Try adding in bursts of speed—20 to 30 seconds of faster running followed by at least a minute of slower running. Or, find a hill and run up it quickly, then slowly jog back down. Start with two to four bursts or hills, then build up week by week. Besides making time pass more quickly, these short, hard efforts boost
    your heart rate and help reduce your injury risk.
  • Music and podcasts can really make the time and the miles fly by.
  • Focus your mind. Though training partners and music may serve as welcome distractions, actually tuning in to what you’re doing can also help you e
    njoy it more, notes Mackenzie L. Havey, a Minneapolis runner and coach and author of Mindful Running. “Research shows that mindful athletes tend to exhibit greater optimism, higher self-c
    onfidence, and less anxiety,” she says. To start, spend the first few steps of your run doing a full scan of your body, mind, and the world around you, she recommends. Notice the feeling of your feet hitting the ground, the sound of birds chirping, the top three thoughts in your head. If you notice your mind wander—and you will—gently bring it back to the present moment. “You'll find that fully immersing yourself in the run by focusing on your environment, body, and mind boosts enjoyment, even on the days you're feeling less than inspired to work out,” she says.

Games: We aren’t allowed to meet up with friends, however a lot of us have at least one other person in the house with us. Why not engage in a fun outdoor game to play together? Botchy ball is an easy one and can be played with rocks that you have around the yard. How about frisbee..Corn hole.. What other games do you have laying about? 

Harvest time!!

Gardening! Digging in the dirt is one of my favorite things! It is also so good for you to connect to the earth and get dirty. So get the seeds

out and start planting. If you live in the mountains and have a shorter growing season, now is a great time to plant the starts to get things rolling for planting time! If you need any gardening tips please email me! I love talking dirt!

Garden projects : Beyond planting veggies and flowers..maybe you want to enhance your yard with a rock wall or fountain or paths. So many fun things to do out there!



On expedtion in India with Lizzy Scully 2003

Have a picnic! Changing up your perspective is a great way to change your mood. Try packing up dinner and walking to the local park to have dinner outside. 

Hanging in the basement!

Inside Ideas: 

I am spending so much more time inside than I likely ever have. I am a nature girl and love the outdoors, so that is typically where I spend the most of my time. However now that we are on shelter in place orders. I am being forced to chill out a bit. Which honestly is a really good thing! Turns out I have a lot of indoor life things to catch up on. Some ideas:

Online Classes to improve your business or to learn a new skill. I am currently taking an online communication class through DailyOm. Always work to be done in communication! 


Anchor and skills Practice: This is a great time to get dialed in on your technical climbing skills. Anchors, hitch knots, raising and lowering systems. Rescue practice. The AMGA has some great videos online for rock, alpine, ski and ice.

Hang board if you have one! Or build something our of some scraps of wood to hang on. So many homemade hang board ideas: . We have found this app: pretty helpful to keep us motivated! 

House projects: Time to clean out that basement, garage or closet. Paint a highlight wall inside the house? Or something bigger. Cleaning out those places in the house that we forgot about. Replanting those plants that have been needing it for years. Now is the time!

Cleaning up all by myself!!

Get Artsy!! There are so many fun ways to get creative. So take a minute to figure out what you like. Is it writing, photography, learning an instrument, sewing, jewelry making? Or maybe you might want to try making a vision board? This is a great way to put your dreams all into one place and helps to make them a reality. 

Cooking! I like to see what’s in the fridge and then figure out what to make…now that is more important than ever. It’s fun to find different recipes to fit our ingredients and make due with what we have. There are so many awesome online cooking blogs! This is a fun one

Online chats with friends and family for happy hour! We just had a zoom and Netflix Party last night for my sisters birthday. It was super fun! Zoom dance parties are coming this week!!

Yoga in Kalymnos!

 Yoga and meditation practice : As I mentioned in my last email I have a yoga for climbers course online that is currently being offered for free: 

  • Yoga for Climbers : Code BEWELL will get you free access for one month and the code expires 5/15
  • Also, I will be teaching a series of classes every Tuesday evening starting April 14th from 5-6pm on Instragram live. This will be focused on flexibility, health and overcoming stress for athletes.


Indie getting out her stess on Dyno! 😳

This is how our dog Indie deals with the stress of the pandemic. How are you dealing?

I bet you have a lot more ideas. Feel free to send them to me! And please keep in touch! I would love to hear from all of you!

Be well and stay healthy out there!

Big love,


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