Lazaro A Mena

Climbing Guide and Vinales Expert

Mena was born and raised in the small mountainous town of Vinales. He has been climbing for over 17 years and guiding people in his backyard for more than 10 years. He loves sharing his home crags with visitors and is excited to help make your trip to Cuba amazing!

He is owner of Mogoto Adventures , where he offers visitors the full Vinales adventure experience from hiking, climbing, cave exploring, and cultural immersion. He is your man!


The Team

Owner/Lead Instructor
Yoga, AcroYoga, Slacklining, Handstand Guru
Climbing Instructor
Yoga/Slacklining/Thai Massage
Climbing Guide
AcroYoga, Slacklining Guru
Climbing Guide
Climbing Guide
Climbing Coach
Cuba Expert and Climbing Guide
Yoga/AcroYoga Instructor
Climbing Guide