Marta Czajkowska

Life Coach/Climbing Guide

I literally hit rock bottom when climbing unroped in Mexico I snapped off a hold, and my body slammed into the boulders 15 feet below, breaking 4 vertebrae. The following nerve-wrecking 12 hour journey to the hospital allowed me time to answer one simple question: “If I’m given another chance at life, how do I want to live it?” In this moment I realized I had no time to lose. In that moment I officially departed on a long and windy road to embodying my life's purpose to be a life coach. I now serve the world by leading others on their way to become their purest expression...

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Growing up in a backdrop of communist Poland I developed a strong aversion to structure and societal guidelines... which I realized I never had to be a part of.... if I did exclusively what I loved - rock climbing in far corners of the earth. I literally lived my dream - I was training Navy Seals and galavanting around the world. And yet, a time came where that no longer felt fulfilling.

And then... I had a near death experience...

It was like going skiing on a powder day. No previous tracks were visible. What would it be like to live my life properly? What if I could climb three times harder? Try something so outrageous I never believed I could do before. And so I did. Like in climbing like in life. I started trying some hard stuff, then harder stuff. It turned out that all these years of rock climbing provided me with a spiritual growth goldmine, I use this wisdom daily in my life as a life coach.

I know fear - I thrive in deconstructing it. I know insecurity - It ruled the first 30 years of my life and I now know what it’s designed for. I know courage and I know how to find it. I know that without a scrupulous self observation and rewiring of our brains, change is extremely hard to accomplish.


So.. the best way to start massive change in your life is to have a near death experience.

Since it's nearly impossible to do that safely, I do not recommend that.

The second best way is to hire a personal development coach.

What my clients get from working with me is courage to look at themselves with both truth and love. I take them to the edges of their comfort and together we look at what seems impossible, formulate a vision, plan a strategy, uncover excuse patterns and most importantly we make clear action items. There is no use in all this coaching if it does not result in action. My strong points are honesty, humor, boldness, kindness, courage.



  • 25+ years of climbing, guiding rock climbing (including Navy Special Warfare Teams), mental climbing coaching & extensive travel.

  • Positive Intelligence Mental Fitness Coach

  • Creative Mind Certified Coach, studying directly under Steven Gilligan

  • Offering coaching in 3 languages: Polish, English & Spanish

  • Vipassana practicioner

  • Other random accomplishments: I fixed a helicopter mid flight, I was the opening act for MOBY, I made 4K hitch-hiking, I wrote, produced and directed a documentary and I’m best friends with both my ex-husband and my ex-boss.


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