Meg Nickhan

Climbing Guide - AMGA Apprentice Rock Guide

As a climber, Meg loves to spend long days outdoors, striking a balance between epic-ing and relaxing in the mountains. She firmly believes  - it’s not onlyabout what we climb but who we share the experience with!

Meg started her career in the outdoors working as a climbing instructor on the East Coast. She led a variety of programs ranging from experiential-learning-based trips,  to introducing first-time climbers to the outdoors at local venues in the DC/Metro area. She now works with smaller groups in Colorado and Utah opening people up to growth and exploration in the mountains. She also happens to guide for SheSends Collective. Her passion creates a space where people feel at ease and inspired.

The Team

Owner/Lead Instructor
Yoga, AcroYoga, Slacklining, Handstand Guru
Climbing Instructor
Yoga/Slacklining/Thai Massage
Climbing Guide
AcroYoga, Slacklining Guru
Climbing Guide
Climbing Guide
Climbing Coach
Cuba Expert and Climbing Guide
Yoga/AcroYoga Instructor
Climbing Guide